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Community & Sustainability Initiatives

Being a big industry player means we have an equally great responsibility towards the environment and our community. Here's how we demonstrate our commitment towards a sustainable way of life.
  • Participant of the National Environment Agency’s “Adopt-A-School” programme with up to 18 schools assisted during the peak of our involvement.
  • Created the National Weather Study Project (NWSP) in 2005 and ran the annual competition until 2011.
  • Launched the Senoko Sustainability Challenge (SSChallenge) in 2013. This is an outreach programme aimed at reframing climate change in a local context. We garnered 57 submissions from schools during the repeat run in 2016.
  • Early adopter of energy efficient plant equipment, energy saving lighting and use of new water in our operations processes.


Senoko Energy recognises the impact of climate changes on mankind and sustainability is integral to the environment and ecosystem in which we operate our business to provide Energy for Life. We are committed to ensure our business activities are sustainable and strive to work this commitment with our stakeholders including employees, customers, vendors and so on.

As a leading energy company in operation for more than 40 years, we will continue to support and contribute to the sustainability effort in support of climate actions. For example, we will continue to measure our efficiency in relation to the reduction of emissions, conversion of fuels, electricity and water usage as well as advocating and supporting various “Go Green” campaigns. Also, we are constantly devising action goals in support of the ‘REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE’ program efforts in support of Gaia.

Our climate action goals for 2019:

  1. Reduce use of plastic/disposables
  2. Reduce, reuse and recycle paper
  3. Reduce and manage waste
  4. Include sustainability/ethical standards in sourcing requirements
  5. Improve Energy efficiency / Conservation efforts

Corporate Social Responsibility

As Singapore's largest power generation company, Senoko recognises our role as a responsible partner to our surrounding community.

Senoko has been an active supporter of initiatives and outreach to the community surrounding our power station and to Singapore at large. Senoko is a participant of the National Environment Agency's "Adopt-A-School" programme. Under this programme, Senoko works with schools around the power station from Woodlands, Sembawang and Yishun to promote environmental awareness to their students and teachers.

The National Weather Study Project, launched by Senoko in 2005, became the premier study project promoting sustainability and climate change among school students. In recognition of our contribution to the community, Senoko has been given prestigious awards such as the Singapore Green Plan Award 2012 (2005); Singapore President's Award for the Environment 2008; Singapore Watermark Award (2008). The NWSP has been relaunched as the Senoko Sustainability Challenge (SSChallenge) in 2013, and continues Senoko's tradition of engaging young students in the areas of climate change and sustainability.

Senoko Energy received the following awards in recognition of its contribution to the community:

Singapore Energy Award (EMA) - 2013
President's Award for the Environment (MEWR) - 2008
Watermark Award (PUB) - 2008
Singapore Green Plan 2012 Award (MEWR) - 2005

Today, we continue to maintain a leading position in the power generation industry in community outreach. Senoko remains committed to developing our relationship with the community as an environmentally-conscious and socially-responsible corporate citizen.